Level the Growing Field

Growers face downward economic pressures every day: Falling prices, inconsistent quality, and decreased yield. In other words…

Customers want cheaper product, better product, and more of it

For centuries, traditional agriculture has faced these exact problems. In the past several years, they’ve fought back by using precision agriculture to take the guess-work out of growing, and the New Leaf Precision Ag team has provided these techniques.

Tracking plant health is the only way I can be sure I’ve got everything dialed in. I can’t be sure about my crop unless I’m charting the health of my plants.

– Chris Z., Oregon City, OR

Now, New Leaf Precision Ag is bringing this technology to cannabis growers, helping them use these services to get a scientifically-sound view of the health of their crop in near real-time. Big data has transformed nearly every industry, and New Leaf Precision Ag is delivering this same transformation to cannabis.

I track everything: temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, barometric pressure. But these only tell me about the room, not the plants. Tracking plant health is the final—and most important—piece of the puzzle.

– Dan M., Canby, OR

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